Game review: Minecraft

Minecraft Beta

Many people have heard of Minecraft and might have even tried the free version, but some people still haven’t heard of it or aren’t convinced of how awesome it is.
Minecraft is a seemingly simple game where everything is made of blocks. It’s not as simple as it seems though. The object of the game is to gather resources, build weapons and shelters and survive when monsters come out at night.
So, it’s like a combination of Sims and Left for Dead, but everything is made of blocks and it’s infinitely more awesome.
Several mobiles or mobs are in the game. They also are block shaped. The friendly mobs spawn during the day and include cows, pigs and chickens. Other mobs spawn at night and are hostile. These include zombies, skeletons that shoot arrows and creepers that blow up when you get too close.
The player must kill these mobs for other resources such as meat, leather or feathers. Resources are used to build or craft. Players can combine items to craft weapons, tools and armor. Things can also be combined to form more interesting things such as dynamite, clocks and bookshelves.
The simple graphics of structures built out of blocks are more impressive than they sound. Minecraft extends infinitely and generates landscapes as you play. There are vast oceans, immense mountains and lurking forests, all made out of blocks.
The array of things to be build is near infinite as well. Players have built complex structures ranging from rollercoasters to castles to a full-scale model of the Star Trek starship Enterprise.
The possibilities and entertainment are endless. For anyone who has too much time in the real world, Minecraft provides the perfect fantasy world.

I give it: 5 out of 5 stars

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Game review: Minecraft

by Katie Ardmore time to read: 1 min