History of the Raiders mascot

Sara Konu


Today, the mighty bird of prey is the embodiment of Pierce College. Yet, Pierce and its mascot have not always flown in the same formation.

When Pierce College first opened in 1967 officials decided upon the name Raiders, but until 2005 the school was without an official mascot. During the years several attempts were made to adopt a mascot but each fell through.

Finally, in 2004, administrators decided it was time the school got a mascot and administrators set up a contest for students to define what a Raider was to them.

The winning contestant, Jason Stark, imagined the Raider as a hawk.

“A hawk is a symbol of a strong, noble idea,” Stark wrote on his contest application. “The Pierce College community deserves to be classified as noble and strong.”

Based off of Stark’s submitted description and hand drawn picture of the Raider symbol, the mascot and logo we know today was born.

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History of the Raiders mascot

by Sara Konu time to read: 1 min