How to keep your New Year resolution

It’s February already, and for those of you not part of the 38 percent of people who have broken their resolutions by now, congratulations. Here are a few tips to help you keep on track or get you back on track.

Make broad goals into specific ones. If your goal was to lose weight this year, make it more specific, such as losing one pound per week.

Get motivated. Lack of motivation is the No. 1 reason individuals give up on their resolution. Try remembering why you chose your resolution in the first place. Make a mental note about how good it feels to do something toward your new change.

Rely on friends for support. By announcing your resolution to your friends they can help you stay on track. They might even join you.

These tips can help with any resolution, but here are some tips for specific ones.

Getting into shape. Getting into shape can go hand in hand with eating healthier. Some individuals need to eat healthy as well as exercise because exercising isn’t enough to get in shape.

Follow the eating healthier plan, and have fun working out. Having fun while working out is key; if you don’t enjoy it, you’ll want to drop it.

Try making a playlist of fast, fun music to work out to. Also, bring your friends to work out with you. Work out in fun new ways, not just treadmills and crunches. Sign up for yoga, a kickboxing class or go for a bike ride.

Don’t think you have to do your work out for a whole hour, if you can break it up in the day, 15 minutes here and there, it works just as well.

Saving money. Saving money can be hard when everything costs so much. Try cutting down some costs by using public transportation or walking when possible.

Cutting the price of groceries can be simple. Off-brand foods can taste just as good as brand names but cost a couple dollars less.

Healthy and organic foods can be pricey, but try buying in bulk. When sales come, buy a couple boxes or pounds.

Clothing doesn’t have to be bought at the mall, try the Goodwill, Walmart or This can cut prices in third, if not half, without looking for sales at these stores.

Watch out for dollar items. Dollar items are tempting because they’re cheap, but don’t buy them just because they’re a dollar each, buy them because you need them or want to use it. Small amounts can add up.

Eating healthier. By eating healthier it’s probably assumed that you’re trying to cut junk food and fast food out of your diet, but don’t deprive yourself of them entirely. The occasional fast food burger or frosted covered cupcake can’t be let go of completely. However, try picking something on the menu that is less in calories and saturated fat then the burger covered in six layers of bacon or the cupcake with three sticks of butter in it.

Try making a meal plan that has roughly 500 calories per meal and two 100-calorie snacks.

Try eating more natural or organic foods. Natural foods such as almonds, air-popped popcorn and berries can be some of the best snack foods out there. Keep them on hand for when you want to snack.

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How to keep your New Year resolution

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