How to study smart


Mackenzie Hendricks


Students frequently students study hard but still face tests with little confidence.

Marty Lobdell, psychology instructor at Fort Steilacoom, addressed this issue in a lecture focused on improving studying.

Here are some of his study skills tips:

  •  The minute a student is fading, they should take a short break. It increases efficiency.
  •  Many people undo studying by not sleeping enough. Be sure to get plenty of rest because that’s when the information consolidates.
  •  If student can’t put a concept into their own words, then they don’t know the concept. They need to keep trying until they do.
  •  Recognizing and remembering are different words. Just because students may recognize a term doesn’t mean they’ll remember what it entails. Be sure to remember, not just recognize.
  •  The best way to learn and remember information is to teach others. Try explaining a concept to another person as a study tool.
  •  Expand on notes immediately after they are taken. This will help students be able to understand their notes later on.
  •  Don’t cram all the information into the brain the night before the test. Be sure to prepare weeks in advance for an exam.
  •  For those having difficulty remembering facts, try using coined sayings, acronyms or other mnemonics such as “HOMES” used to remember the five Great Lakes: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Eire and Superior.
  •  Have a big treat, such as a dessert, at the end of a designated study time so studying doesn’t seem like such a punishment.



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How to study smart

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