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Go big or go home. If you work hard to go on a far away trip, then go to a far away land. London, Paris and Venice are more familiar and less romantic than you would think. Don’t be part of the tourist trap. Go to an exotic country where you can discover new and beautiful things, have time to appreciate them and make the destination part of your own life journey.

Outside of geography class, the only time you’ve probably ever heard of Iceland was in 2010 when the mountain of Eyjafjallajökull erupted, keeping transatlantic air travel stalled for almost a week. You shouldn’t forget the power of the earth’s forces, and Iceland’s a stark reminder of that with all of its unique and earthly marvels.

A geological hotspot situated right on top of the rift that expands between North American and European tectonic plates, Iceland is sitting on one of the most intriguing locations. The northern lights are visible in Iceland if it’s dark enough. Due to its extreme northern location and the tilt of the earth, Iceland, like Alaska has months of constant sunlight and months of constant darkness. Culturally, Iceland’s very European and linguistically very extraneous, Iceland is unique.

Poor Iceland typically is flown over by travelers headed for continental Europe.

Even Icelandair has advertisements for their free stopovers in Iceland on any flight en route to Europe. What I have to say about that is: what a great free trip to Europe with your trip to Iceland. Iceland on its own would be a dream location for a vacation.

The Blue Lagoon spa in Grindavík is the perfect way to personally tap into the natural wonders of Iceland. The lagoon is heated by natural geothermal energy. The six million liters of 100 degree Fahrenheit water that fills the lagoon comes from over a mile under the surface, making the water salty and mineral enriched, which can be good for your body. The salts that build up in the cloudy Windex blue lagoon can be scrubbed on the skin for their medicinal properties. Steam vents surround the lagoon.

If you’ve never considered going to Iceland, it should go to the top of your travel list.

If you can’t make it to Iceland for a while, then indulge yourself in some Icelantic culture by listening to the instrumental, dreamy sound of Icelantic band Sigur Rós’s new album Valtari, which came out May 28. Take a bath in the next closest thing to the Blue Lagoon by ordering some of the Blue Lagoon’s skin care. I recommend the Mineral bath salts which run $20 on their website Or, the algae and mineral body scrub, which runs $40.

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