If Mitt Romney keeps waffling, he’ll get pancaked

Katie Lane


Mitt Romney is one of the last Republicans left in the race against incumbent Barack Obama. Ron Paul is still a possible nominee but he seems to be lacking in the support and funding departments. This election will be a disaster.

Romney has done an excellent job saying what people want to hear, regardless of whether he is contradicting himself or not. One issue he can’t decide where he stands on is abortion. In 2002, while running for governor, Romney claimed he supported abortion rights. In his “Pro-Life Pledge” Romney stated that: “I am pro-life and believe that abortion should be limited to only instances of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother.” He also stated that he would bring back the case of Roe v. Wade to pull funding from Planned Parenthood.

Another contradictory statement made Romney was about the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy in the military. In 1994 he claimed to be in support of changing the policy. Then in 2007 he contradicted himself again saying it was a good policy and didn’t need any revisions.

Running a country is like raising a child, or like in my case, a new puppy. The puppy is much like a child. I know the best way to teach it how to follow the rules is to remain consistent. What wasn’t ok yesterday won’t be ok today, or tomorrow. Mitt Romney doesn’t apparently share in this parental technique.

When Romney first came to the scene in the 2012 election, he was playing on the side of the conservative voters who felt that Obama wasn’t a good candidate for his liberal stance. Now he’s switching, right in front of everyone, to attempt to appeal to the liberal side of voters.

He denounces “Obamacare” but has a very similar plan himself. Romney was born and raised in the upper class of society and has no idea what it means to be a middle or lower class citizen in America. His piggy bank probably contains more money than I’ve made in a year.

This entire situation is disheartening, not only because Romney is a very ill fit candidate for president, but also because he seems to be able to make ridiculous statements that are very contradictory of himself. How can he run the country if he doesn’t know which side he wants to stand on?

The public seems to be able to turn a blind eye to his very obvious blunders and accept that he’s the best candidate because he has the money to fund his campaign. He spends his money on slogans and ads that knock Obama’s stances. This is rather ridiculous in my opinion. We know Obama isn’t working for America and we don’t need a Romney funded bumper sticker to show us why we need a different president. It’s like school kids fighting over where they stand in line.

Ron Paul seems to be the best choice we have left, the lesser of the evils if you will. He is in no way perfect and very radical at times but I would rather live in this country with him as president then Romney or Obama any day.

Newt Gingrich makes running for president look comical. He shouldn’t even be allowed to run a till at McDonalds, let alone a presidential campaign. Thankfully he’s on his way out of the race.

If the citizens of the United States aren’t careful in who they select to be their next leader, we are going to dig ourselves an even deeper hole that we may never recover from. The first step to healing the drama our government has become is to not allow someone like Romney to be the president. Your children will thank you.


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If Mitt Romney keeps waffling, he’ll get pancaked

by Katie Lane time to read: 3 min