Interest in new Domestic Violence Prevention club grows



Tessa LaVergne

Managing Editor

One of the newest clubs on campus, the Domestic Violence Prevention club, was formed to bring a sense of personal strength and togetherness to the community.

Clubs such as this have experienced budget cuts at the county level and the resources for domestic prevention are scarce. Because of this, Rosemarie Clemente, president of the DVP club, decided to start this student club to bring awareness to Pierce College.

Last October, before the club began, workshops for Domestic Violence Awareness were offered at Pierce College. Clemente says the workshops’ successes led her to starting the club.

To start the club, Clemente only needed eight signatures showing that the club was wanted by the student body. She gathered more than 200 signatures. Only one person refused to sign it.

In order to become a part of the club, all a student has to do is sign. After signing a paper saying that the student is interested, the student will receive “supporter” e-mail. Clemente continues to collect signatures.

People of all ages are able to be members of the DVP. One member is as young as 16, other members are in their 20s, single moms in their 30s and some members older than 50.

The DVP accepts all people. Club members enjoy working with not only single people and people in relationships but also with people who have children at home.

DVP organizer wants to make a difference in the lives of those children as well.

“The more education we can give to people about DVP, the likelihood of them looking at things in a better perspective is much higher,” Clemente said.

Clemente suggested that if a student knows of somebody being victimized, they should keep close to that person and try to help them out.

“Don’t assume that someone, a victim, deserves it,” Clemente said. “You always should have a good tone and body language because you never know who you’re talking to. Showing kindness and understanding can go a long way.”

For more about the program, e-mail Clemente at or talk to Liz Scott, Pierce College’s mental health counselor, in Room A 115E.


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Interest in new Domestic Violence Prevention club grows

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