Is it the thought or the gift that counts?

Christopher Randle

Contributing writer

Valentine’s Day is one of the most cherished holidays of the year.

Couples count down the days in eager expectancy of receiving the perfect gift. So, what is the solution for gift givers who lack the skill to choose great gifts? Does it take away any of the specialness of a gift if the receiver has dropped hints about what to buy? Or is it all about the thought put into trying to buy the best gift?

Think about when you received a gift you “didn’t like” but smiled and pretended to be ecstatic about it anyway. In that situation, it’s clear you needed to drop hints.

Whether it’s wrong or rude, you need to remember that in this material world we live in we have certain expectations. Getting good gifts is one of them. It’s almost like playing the lottery when you set your hopes on a particular item and then hope, wish and pray it arrives miraculously when its gift-giving time.

What it all boils down to is this: Drop hints.

But, something is different about Valentine’s Day. When you tell someone what to buy for you, does it come from the heart? Or is it like getting a gift for yourself? People wonder about true love, romance and putting effort into getting what they think is the perfect gift for their Valentine. Some people enjoy buying gifts for themselves. And others enjoy receiving gifts from their friends and loved ones. Special meaning is added to a gift when it’s a secret.

It’s the thought that counts. Everyone has heard that before. But, what is this thought? How do you make it count? These are the hidden secret treasures you must unlock to claim your Valentine’s Day fortune.

Let’s start with the thought. Thinking about people you know well is a matter of remembering their likes and dislikes and their favorite things, and finding out what their heart desires.

You’ve got to go deep down into the inner fabric of their mind and soul. This sounds like a lot of work but it’s all worth it for the people you love, right? In reality, all of this is just the basics of really getting to know the special person in your life.

Making the thought count is where the gift giving comes in. The foundation has been laid by you being the great, attentive lover that you are and by taking the time to know which of the likes, favorites, and heart’s desires are best. Now it’s time to go out and find that special thing (or multitude of things depending on your Valentine’s needs and appetite) that undoubtedly proves that you care.

Take your time and think about that special person. Think about will make him or her happy and not make you think you a lazy cheapskate good for nothing.

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Is it the thought or the gift that counts?

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