It was too close for comfort

Josefina Salazar
It was a wet and chilly afternoon on Sept. 26 at Pierce College. I just had finished studying in the library and was making my way through the parking lot.
Usually when I’m walking through the parking lot, I like to pick out all the good looking cars. As I began to cross the road, I noticed a nice looking Mazda coming toward me.
I was already in the middle of the street, still walking, and I couldn’t help but to glance up again at that Mazda. And then it dawned on me the car wasn’t slowing down.
I kept my eye on the car and saw the driver wasn’t looking where she was going. She was glancing down because she was texting.
I picked up my pace to a sprint to get out of her way. The driver didn’t see me until I was already 10 feet in front of her.
She had to swerve to her right to keep from hitting me. Even that quick maneuver didn’t prevent her driver side mirror from hitting my backpack.
I wanted to scream at her, “watch where you’re going,” but I was just too speechless. I couldn’t believe I almost became a statistic.
The driver didn’t even have the courtesy to stop and ask if I was okay or say she was sorry. She just kept on driving. Reading her text message was apparently more important to her than my well-being or ultimately my life.
My message is to students is please don’t text, browse your iPod or your GPS while driving. Especially in the college parking lots where your fellow students are commuting.
Let’s keep the parking lots safer places to walk through. Too many incidences occur where people have died because someone was preoccupied using their electronics while operating a moving vehicle.
I almost became one of them.


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It was too close for comfort

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