Killingsworth practices 4 hours each day

Pierce employee Erich Killingsworth frequents the practice rooms to further develop his piano expertise.

Killingsworth began piano lessons at five years old and has been playing the piano for 16 years.

Though he’s not in the music program anymore and does not have the desire to teach in the future, he continues to practice four hours every day to further develop and fine-tune his expertise.

When asked what type of music he prefers to play, Killingsworth replied “always classical.”

Killingsworth practices his piano dexterity through memorization and by reading music. In order to keep up his skills, he frequently teaches himself new pieces and then finds time to perfect the songs he’s been working on.

His desire to further his musical ability derives from his self-discipline and motivation. He says he feels that piano is becoming a lost art.

Killingsworth’s primary goal in his musical endeavors is to contribute to the community and be remembered. He has no interest in making money using his talents, just as long as others enjoy his music.

So often people simply stand by and fail to contribute their passions and talents but Killingsworth hopes to use his music genius and forte not only for his own enjoyment, but also for the satisfaction of others.


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Killingsworth practices 4 hours each day

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