Los Amigos Taqueria

Los Amigos Taqueria

South Hill


With the always festive Cinco de Mayo still fresh in our minds, it was appropriate that I eat at one of the many autobuses de tacos in Puyallup. Specifically, the Los Amigos Taqueria is a small, humble bus parked at Meridian Avenue and 120th Street East.

If you have never eaten on a taco bus and aren’t quite sure what to do, or even think food served on a bus doesn’t sound appealing, then let me enlighten you.

The taqueria has roughly six parking spots for patrons who would like to come inside or enjoy the outdoor seating. There is no drive thru, but employees at Los Amigos will hand you your food through the window if you’re waiting outside. It’s the size of a school bus and the front half has bar style seating along the inside of the bus and menus lining the ceiling. The second half consisted of a grill, one cook and a cashier. In the open kitchen, you can see your food cooked fresh in front of you.

On the bus, I noticed two things. At the entrance, a TV was playing in Spanish. That immediately set a pleasant, traditional, laid back tone to the place. The other was that as soon as I entered and for the rest of my lunch, I was greeted by a cashier with a slight Spanish accent as “amigo.”

I was half tempted to try and respond with some Spanish myself, but was limited by my little knowledge of the language. Nonetheless, the environment spoke to the friendly and open setting of the taqueria which put my mind at ease and went along way to making my meal all the more pleasant.

They have a small menu with specials that were mainly combo meals, as well as typical dishes like enchiladas, tacos and burritos. I ordered the burrito. My decently priced $5 dollar lunch came wrapped in a fresh tortilla stuffed with re-fried beans, cilantro, diced onions, salsa and my choice of meat. I could see in the back the cook preparing my meal, which helped assure me the ingredients were fresh, as well as add a sort of homemade aspect to the meal many restaurants are missing. All together, my burrito weighed a good pound and a half with an assortment of jalapeño, lime, radish and carrots on the side.

By the end of my meal, my food had exceeded my expectations of a taco bus, but had failed to compete with the zest and wonderfully vibrant flavors Mexican food is known for. The salsa had, for the most part, worked to accentuate taste of an otherwise bland burrito.

Granted, I got what I had paid for, but overall, I am encouraged to eat there again. My recommendation is that the Los Amigos Taqueria would be a positive experience for anybody that would like to eat there for themselves.


I give it: Four out of five stars

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Los Amigos Taqueria

by Jacob Bush time to read: 2 min