Managing the mid-year lazies

Genevieve Huard


Here we are, the middle of winter quarter. It’s one of those glass half empty, half full situations.

We’re too far away from summer break to have that last surge of energy and too far from the beginning of fall quarter to have a fresh, excited outlook about learning.

Not to mention, by this time, most of our well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions have been shoved to the bottom of our backpacks with nasty pieces of gum, broken pencils and old, smelly, useless pennies.

Even the best students can feel the mid-year lazies.

I am.

Until this quarter, I always studied before tests. One time, I didn’t study because of some unusual circumstance but lo and behold, I still did pretty well. That was situational, but now I am feeling myself sink deeper and deeper into procrastination and the art of “just getting by” in school.

My desire to expand my knowledge has been replaced by a little voice that cares more about Facebook than calculus. I am trying to fight this urge but having never felt this drag before, what’s a student to do?

Schedule some “you time” to be 100 percent pathetic and lazy. Give yourself a few hours every week to watch a movie, spoil yourself or just sleep.

Sneaking little breaks while working on homework or studying interrupts critical learning processes. Plus, these little breaks can get out of control and turn into a full-blown procrastination station as you veer into the world of hours wasted on Gilmore Girls blogs and demotivational posters. Fully commit to your studies and reward yourself afterward with relaxation and photos of cats doing cute things on the Internet.

Study somewhere new. Go to a different coffee shop, study area or the Academic Resource Center to make learning feel fresh again. Your old study abode may promote distractions.

There could be an underlying problem weighing down your academic vigor. If questions are bouncing around in your mind about personal, financial or academic problems, then you may not be able to commit to the material when you’re studying.

Questions like: What am I going to major in? When am I going to get my financial aid check for paying rent? And, of course, for students with raging hormones, there are those incessant questions and worries revolving around romantic tribulations.

Forget about all of these topics when you are studying, but definitely try to simplify your life because your focus should be on school before anything else.

If you don’t know what you want to major in, then hop on the party boat of undecided students. Being undecided is great. You have the opportunity to take all sorts of classes, the good and the bad. And whether you discover a passion, or rule out subjects by process of elimination, then you will eventually find the right major for you.

If you’re struggling with personal issues, then only worry about what you can change. There will always be something challenging you in your life. Remember a few weeks ago, what was it then? Did it work out? Chances are you probably have to think really hard to even remember yesterday’s problems. You’ll be fine, so give college the attention it deserves.

Whether you’ve forgotten how many years you’ve been married or were just lucky enough to survive Valentine’s Day without breaking down, allow yourself to be human. Humans make mistakes, whether it’s forgetting a partner’s birthday or just being in a rotten mood to a friend: we’ve all been there. People in your life should understand how important school is to you right now. If your relationships and school are struggling to coincide, then reevaluate your relationship because you’re doing exactly what you should be for yourself and those you love: getting an education.

It may take a few months for your butt print to leave your couch, but kiss your lazy days away until summer. School is awesome, and you’re lucky to have the opportunity to live in this country and to go to school, so just keep on chugging.

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Managing the mid-year lazies

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