NCAA March Madness has begun

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The madness begins. National Collegiate Athletic Association March Madness, a college basketball tournament that occurs once a year, is when the 64 best college basketball teams compete to determine who is the best team in the nation.

March Madness could roughly be identified as the college basketball version of the Super Bowl or The Hunger Games.

To organize the tournament, teams are put into brackets. The four brackets are chosen based on geography: Midwest, West, South and East. Sixteen teams are in each.

It begins with 64 teams, which becomes 32 after each team plays once. The number of teams continues to split in half after each round. The loser of each game is out of the tournament and the winner moves on to play again.

The last two teams compete to receive the title of best college basketball team.

While players can’t be paid for playing basketball in college, winning can lead to a better chance of getting into the NBA through drafts or opportunities for other scholarships.

Many basketball fans make guess brackets and bet on who was the closest to the actual brackets as they’re revealed.

“When it’s on NCAA, I usually go for Xavier,” student Steve Ritter said.

Last year, the Duke University Blue Devils won March Madness. This year, there’s talk of both Duke University and the University of North Carolina being possible winners.

“I think they (North Carolina) are (likely to win) because they’re such a good sports team,” student Marco Garcia said.

This year, Selection Sunday was on March 13. The first round was on March 15 and 16.

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NCAA March Madness has begun

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