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Insanity, depression, stress: no one has perfect mental health all of the time. Mental problems are usually brought on by a busy and stressful lifestyle, making college students some of the most vulnerable people in America to be plagued by mental problems. Stress and anger can also cause heart disease, digestive problems, depression, sleep problems and other diseases or discomforts.

Organization is key to any stress free environment and can help with the top two causes of stress. If a student sticks to a schedule and says “no” to over scheduling, a student can reduce stress exponentially.

If a student is overstressed, they should find and use a relaxation technique. One relaxation technique that I suggest is meditation. Meditation is a process in which you silence the mind and go into a mental state of peace.

Meditation started more than 5,000 years ago and has been linked to all major religions. If a person can’t seem to achieve an enlightened state if mind (meditation) trying to meditate is supposed to increase happiness.

This being said, there are many other things that relax people like exercise, tea, bubble baths, naps, walking, reading and watching television.

If a student is depressed, it may be because of stress, but if it isn’t stress induced, then I would suggest joining an activity like volunteering. The warm feeling from helping people and their usually appreciative reaction is guaranteed to put you in an elevated mental state.

A student could also become more involved in their religion. Being involved in your religion can make you feel more spiritual and make you feel like a part of a community that is focused on good.

Being a part of a community in general can increase happiness. A community can give someone a sense of purpose as well as provide a group of people to confide in and relate to in times of need.

Throughout my life I’ve found these to be some of the most successful tips to improve my mental health, but you might find that other things work best for you. So try out several things to figure what puts you in the best mental state.

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Mental health tips

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