Movie review: Battleship


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When the closest thing to an action movie that I’ve ever seen is Twister, Battleship really blew my mind. I’ve always avoided action movies, let alone sci-fi action, because of my low tolerance for unrealistic situations.

But I couldn’t pick apart Battleship. Its story was pretty flawless and had real depth.

I went into the movie not knowing anything about the alien invasion. I had just heard that the movie featured real U.S. Navy ships and soldiers and thought that it would be interesting.

The first scene of the movie was literally the funniest, least expected moment of my life. I really enjoyed getting to know the main character, Hopper (Taylor Kitsch) and his brother Stone (Alexander Skarsgård). The casting was off because they looked nothing alike, but their personalities and acting was perfectly played to represent polar-opposite feuding yet deeply bonded brothers.

Even Rihanna’s acting was great–I didn’t even know that she acted.

But my favorite performance in the movie was that of the real wounded servicemen and World War Veterans who were used seamlessly throughout parts of the movie. Hopper’s fiancée, Sam (Brooklyn Decker) is a military physical therapist and one of her patients, Mick (Gregory Gadson), is played by a real U.S. Army amputee who helps Sam fight against the aliens. Gadson’s performance was amazing and the authenticity added by the producer’s details to portray the military was great.

The effects were really great and ominous. It’s always iffy when realistic aliens are portrayed but these were no E.T. In Battleship, the aliens were very scary. Too scary for a PG-13 movie if you ask me because I almost started crying when their creepy faces were revealed.

I hope that if there’s life out there that they don’t look like that. I also hope that they don’t see this movie because only violent means were used to stop the aliens. No “we come in peace” talks were given; full out intergalactic war happened as soon as the aliens were discovered. But then again, if a peace talk was attempted, then there wouldn’t be an alien invasion movie to film now would there.

Great acting, authentic details, a good story and great effects made Battleship the best movie that I’ve seen this year. I would highly recommend it to anyone because it’s not too much action/sci-fi and is thoroughly entertaining.


I give it: Five stars


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Movie review: Battleship

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