Movie review: Man on a Ledge

Tabby Arnold

Man on a Ledge

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As I walked into the theater to see Man on a Ledge, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I had seen the trailers and couldn’t decide if it would end up being something I would enjoy or not. However, sitting in my seat as the credits rolled I found myself to be pleasantly surprised with my viewing choice.

Sam Worthington plays Nick Cassidy, an ex-cop and now escaped convict. He was convicted three years before the movie takes place for theft of a $40 million diamond, a crime to which he has never stopped pleading his innocence. He insists, “I will leave this world as I entered it–innocent,” on the suicide note he leaves in his hotel room. Through flashbacks and conversations the viewer puts pieces of the puzzle together, seeing just how thick the plot is.

As Cassidy is on the ledge of a high-rise hotel with a New York Police Department negotiator (Elizabeth Banks), Cassidy’s brother and his brother’s girlfriend are across the street, taking advantage of the diversion Cassidy is creating.

The film switches between Cassidy on the ledge and his counterparts across the street who are putting into action a plan that has been in the making for over a year: breaking into the office and safe of David Englander, a big time real estate manager who owns the diamond that Cassidy allegedly stole. They are trying to steal the diamond (for the first time) in order to prove that Englander is still in possession of it. This would prove Cassidy’s innocence only because Englander claimed that it had been cut up into unidentifiable pieces and sold to the highest bidder.

What starts out as a simple suicide attempt soon turns into a complicated game of “whodunit” once it becomes apparent that there are potentially many NYPD officials involved in the framing of Cassidy.

Worthington plays his part well, the intense need to have his name cleared is apparent in the desperation he shows–at one point stating, “I am ready to die. It is important that you understand that,” to the negotiator leaning out the window.

I should give a bit of a warning: I am very easily entertained. For others who see this movie, it may not be the riveting film that I thought it was. However, I suggest watching it and formulating your own opinions on it’s quality. In my opinion, Man on a Ledge was suspenseful and kept the mystery and action alive until the last minute of the movie.


I think it deserves: Four out of five stars

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Movie review: Man on a Ledge

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