Music Review: Barton Hollows

Barton Hollow

The Civil Wars


For those of you who are still mourning the loss of Nickel Creek, The Civil Wars will rekindle your love for folk music. I know you may need to learn to trust folk music again after Nickel Creek’s break up left you sad and empty. But you need not worry about The Civil Wars because members are not related or dating, which was the Achilles’ heel for Nickel Creek. That group had both siblings and couples as its members.

The world is starting to learn about The Civil Wars, an amazing folk duo. They were recently featured on VH1’s You Oughta Know music videos for their new album Barton Hollow.

Their song Poison and Wine was featured in soundtrack to the movie Something Borrowed (that is not a recommendation for the movie, by the way, unless you like high budget soap opera-esque movies, but hearing their song in the middle of that crappy movie almost made the whole movie worth it, but not quite). Their songs also could be hear on Grey’s Anatomy.

The chemistry between the two musicians is so entrancing. They are both so intensely focused on their music. Joy Williams’ sweet, soulful vocals and piano paired with John Paul White’s entrancing guitar and rough, sultry vocals makes you melt into their sound.

Videos of their live performance are interesting. Williams and White are comfortable with each other and from their interaction, it seems like they are having a really fun time together.

They stand close to each other, swaying, dancing, and intensely singing as if they were having a deep conversation.

I can’t wait to see their performance live in Seattle at The Red Doo, an Irish folk singer who is a fabulous artist.

Definitely check out The Civil Wars at its website The duo has a tab on its website called “Free” where fans can listen to the free live album called Live at Eddie’s Attic. All 10 Live songs are soulful and priceless.


I give it: Five stars


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Music Review: Barton Hollows

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