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If you’re sick of modern day Dub Step or just want to have a good listen, then you’ll want to try Feist’s new album Metals. It arrived in stores Oct. 4 and even has me running out to buy a copy.
Feist’s profound lyrics and strong voice lead this album and add something new to her solo music career. In her previous award winning album, The Reminder, she had a softer, more optimistic sound and now she has a newfound attitude.
This attitude gives it an Adele-like quality with Norah Jones-like folksy characteristics. The songs How Come We Never Go There and The Bad in Each Other are the highlights of the album, but that being said, there isn’t a bad song on it.
Feist is the name Leslie Feist gave to her solo career. Feist started in 1991 at age 15 in a punk rock band called Placebo (no, not the English sensation Placebo) and won a local battle of the bands. As a reward, Placebo opened for the Ramones.
Eight years ago she debuted her first solo album and throughout those years she’s won seven Juno awards, which are the Canadian Grammys, including Best New Artist of 2007.
She also has been a member of the indie rock group Broken Social Scene since 1999.
Feist is best known for her song 1234, which is most commonly known for starring in an iPod Nano commercial.
The majority of the album is soft and mellow with Bittersweet Melodies, The Circle Married, The Line, Comfort Me and other songs creating an atmospheric and soothing album. This album is a beautiful follow-up to her last album, The Reminder. Metals is driven by emotion and therefore has a lot of soul. It shows her vulnerability and that’s where the beauty really lies.
I’m excited to see what she releases in the future. She may join such folk legends as Norah Jones, Neil Young and Bob Dylan someday.

I give it HHHHI

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Music Review: Feist

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