Music review: God of Love

God of Love

Stereo Alchemy


Fresh from winning two Grammys, one for Best Classical Crossover album and one for Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalists, Christopher Tin went in an entirely new direction for his next album.

Tin teamed up with Kametron and the pair is calling themselves Stereo Alchemy. Their debut album release God of Love takes renaissance and romantic era poems and wraps them around a heavily synthetic and electronic style of music called “decadent electronica.”

“A Rapture,” the beginning of God of Love takes the poem “A Rapture” by Thomas Carew and accompanies the words with a soothing electronic beat and sharp drums. The result is absolutely mesmerizing. The beats and rhythm take you to an entirely new place. Fusing this style of music and classical poems such as “A Rapture” makes this album new and fresh in a music scene that seems to be full of one copy after another.

The title track “God of Love” has a smoother, more thoughtful sound than “A Rapture.” Using the poem “Love’s Deity” by John Donne, the song takes on a more mature and deeper tone than similar songs from other artists. Exploring the theme of love can take musicians in so many different directions but Stereo Alchemy took the right direction. This song makes you think and that’s more than I can say for most songs out there.

Songs like “She Walks in Beauty” and “Monster of the Sky” also shine. In fact, most of the songs on this album do. It’s very rare that someone will find an album with more than three songs they’ll listen to on a repeat basis, but thankfully God of Love is one of those albums. It manages to stay interesting the entire way through.

God of Love is a breath of fresh air in electronic music. Although completely opposite from Christopher Tin’s previous release “Calling All Dawns,” God of Love holds up just fine on its own. With a couple songs that seem to go on just a little too long God of Love isn’t perfect, but it’s close. I found myself listening to the album more than I thought I would and that’s the biggest compliment I can give God of Love. Do yourself a favor, and buy this album.


I give it four out of five stars

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Music review: God of Love

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