Music review: Roman Reloaded

Roman Reloaded

Nicki Minaj


Nicki Minaj’s rap and lyrics are extremely raw and powerful, even when they’re completely crazy, random and, oftentimes, crude. In her new album, Roman Reloaded, Minaj diversified her fun, funky music by pairing her voice with several other successful rappers and different styles but kept her own flair and strength in the process.

Some of the songs on this album weren’t the typical club dance music, which Minaj is famous for. For example, her song “Beez In the Trap” featuring 2 Chainz is slow and industrial; you wouldn’t hear this song in a dance club, but her style is so solid, she can stand alone without her techno beats and lightning fast rapping.

“Champion” featuring Nas, Drake and Young Jeezy was a slow and sorrowful collaboration; commemorating hard life and violence. In “Marilyn Monroe,” Minaj’s beautiful lyrics were intensified by her soulful solo voice.

Minaj’s mastery in her variation of styles was impressive. There wasn’t anything wrong with any of her songs, but I like Minaj’s upbeat, fun, powerful dance jams the best.

“Starships,” “Pound the Alarm” and “Stupid Hoe” had the sexy, empowering, techno beats that make Minaj’s music so perfect to dance or jam to. These were some of her best songs yet. I can’t sit still when I hear any of them playing.

The album had some weird spots, like quirky theatrical moments when Minaj used her alter-ego Roman Zolanski. Her acting took away from the power and flow of the music. Also, Minaj’s ear-piercing high pitches can’t rock a fake British accent like in the song “Roman Holiday.”

I loved her experimentation with Reggae in “Gun Shot” featuring Beenie Man. Minaj is a truly one-of-a-kind artist who constantly surprises listeners and remains the most innovative rapper of our time. She gets her unique, shocking, and revolutionary music by this experimentation and variety. I love that she’s tried out so many different styles.


I give it: Four out of five stars

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Music review: Roman Reloaded

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