Music review: They All Fall Down

They All Fall Down

The Creepshow

They All Fall Down is the latest album from the psychobilly/punk rock band The Creepshow. It’s the third album and by far the best yet.

Led by fiery singer/guitarist Sarah “Sin” Blackwood, the album is infused with a high energy provided by her distinctive voice.

Background vocals from band members Sick Boy, Reverend McGinty and Pomade contrast and harmonize with Blackwood to create a raw and unique sound.

Many songs from previous albums were inspired from horror movies and though the dark theme and content has been continued on in this CD, the band has approached the lyrics in a different way that makes the songs seem more mature.

Though their music has matured, it certainly hasn’t slowed. A majority of the songs on this 11 track album are fast paced with a rebel punk delivery. However, the band proves they can slow it down without losing their flair in the song Sleep Tight, which is a unique blend of psychobilly and 1950s Doo Wop.

They All Fall Down is a feisty and fast moving CD that most people will enjoy.

I give it: four stars

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Music review: They All Fall Down

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