New AAH bridge not slippery when wet


Genevieve Huard


The wooden bridge outside the front entrance of the one year old Arts and Allied Health building was replaced during the summer.

Now, the new bridge is made out of concrete, similar to the rest of the walkways at Pierce College.

Construction to remove and replace the first bridge started Aug. 24 with safety in mind for the new bridge.

“The existing design has not proven to provide sufficiently safe footing,” Director of Facilities Jim Taylor said.

The old design was made of Brazilian Walnut wood. Though more esthetically pleasing than concrete, it was hazardous.

“It had just rained and I was bringing dinner to friends at school, so I was carrying bags full of Chinese food plus my book bags. I was going to a study room. This was before they had the carpet out and I was wearing my flat shoes, Converse or something, and I slipped like in a cartoon and almost fell on my face,” student James Hunt said.

“And when I was walking up the stairs, I kept slipping because the slimy stuff from the wood was stuck on my shoes and made it slippery,” Hunt said

Temporary solutions last year included using carpeted mats across the bridge to create some traction to help students cross safely. Even the mat solution didn’t help as students started to trip on the corners of the mats.

“I was in heels carrying my guitar to my beginner guitar class and I almost broke Lucy, my guitar, in half,” student Sheena Danner said. “I slipped and dropped my guitar, but Ted Brown fixed it up. It was only like $40 worth of damage.”

Winter conditions made the walkway even worse.

“The wood surface is slippery in wet conditions and freezes much more quickly than surrounding walkways in colder weather,” Taylor said.

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New AAH bridge not slippery when wet

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