New club on campus has the ‘write’ stuff


Jacob Bush


Writing with Ink and Ingenuity is both the name and goal of the new writers club on Piece College Puyallup’s campus. The club is quickly gaining interest and popularity among Pierce Puyallup students.

Writing with Ink and Ingenuity, was created by club president Darlene Reilley and club advisor Professor Corinna Wycoff.

“I wanted to start this club because I wanted creative writing to have a stronger presence on the Puyallup campus so that all students who write have a community with whom to share their creative process and work,” Wycoff said.

Reilley shared a similar vision. But it wasn’t until last summer that these two like-minded writers were introduced through another English professor.

“I wanted to start a writing club here because of my involvement with the National Novel Writing Month, and the writing group I created from it—the Sock Monkey Writer’s Group,” Reilley said.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the club is its name. Proposed names were voted on through the club’s Facebook page by student members. Some potential names were: Raider Writers, The Scribes, The Creative Crusaders and Write On.

“Write On, which was proposed by one of our member’s husbands, is now our catch phrase (also selected by member votes),” Wycoff said.

The club’s first meeting was canceled because of the weather, but members have managed as a group to share writing prompts, offer critiques and delve into conversation about the creative writing process.

The club plans to host a Valentine’s Poetry Booth from Feb. 10-12, and a write in scheduled in March. Upcoming meeting dates include Feb. 21 and March 5.

Wycoff and Reilley are accomplished writers in their own rights as well. Reilley, a persistent and prolific writer, according to Wycoff, is involved annually in writing projects and frequently participates in community-based writers’ groups.

Wycoff has published numerous stories and essays for journals and anthologies. In addition to her work she has published one book with another accepted to be published in 2013.

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New club on campus has the ‘write’ stuff

by Jacob Bush time to read: 1 min