New fees for Pierce students

Jaimie Gruggett

Contributing writer

As students returned to campus this fall, they may have noticed that a few things had changed. Suddenly the cost of the COMPASS test was raised, as well as an admissions fee suddenly being put into effect.

The COMPASS test fee was raised from $10 to $15. The reasoning behind this? The cost of the test was raised to actually cover the costs it takes to run the test and support the tools used for it.

“The admissions fee was implemented in an effort to cut down on the number of applicants not serious about attending the college,” explained Els Demings, student services director of enrollment services.

The number of applications that the college was receiving was tremendous, and going through them was a huge workload for the employees at the college.

“The percentage of students who applied versus the number of students who enrolled was low,” said Demings. By implementing the $25 admissions fee, it helps cut back on the number of applications the college is actually receiving. Only those that are more serious about attending the college will be willing to pay this fee.

What is this money going to be used for? With funding from the state being reduced, the money that is being generated from the new admissions fee will be used to fill in some of the gaps in order to continue to give students quality services.

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New fees for Pierce students

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