New Harry potter fan finds a trend worth following

Madeleine Laney

Contributing writer

In honor of the last Harry Potter movie coming to theaters this summer, I must admit something.

I grew up as the Harry Potter books periodically were released. I would hear about them and then later see the previews for the movies, but I never read any of the books or watched any of the movies.

I have told people for years I have never read or seen anything Harry Potter. The reactions always are similar; jaw dropping and shocked gasps.

I suppose it’s slightly shocking, especially because I’m an avid reader and the books are quite famous.

Why didn’t I jump on this particular bandwagon? It’s quite simple actually; I wasn’t allowed to. I was raised in a conservative Christian home and my parents didn’t want me to be reading stories about witchcraft. It never bothered me because I had other books to read and I was never interested in fantasy books like that.

This all changed when I embarked on a trip across the world and I wanted some thick books to read. I picked up the first two Harry Potter books because I know those books can get pretty humongous. I finally wanted to see what all the excitement has been about.

It didn’t take much time and alas, I have jumped on the wagon. I read all of the books in less than a month, visiting the library every few days to get the next one because I specially ordered them all after reading the first two.

I ignored my family for a few weeks and didn’t watch TV so I could read. It was worth it, and I am so glad I finally read them. I truly embraced my true inner nerd by reading all seven in a month, and by admitting this, I am re-embracing that.

Although I do love them now, I understand why my parents didn’t want me to read them. Some content in the last few books definitely would have scared me as a child, and I’m not afraid to admit that. That being said, I am so glad I got to read them at this point in my life.

I have yet to see the movies, and I am wondering how they measure up compared to the magical books.

So, anyone up for a Harry Potter movie marathon? That’s when the true nerd comes out.



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New Harry potter fan finds a trend worth following

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