New interfaces set to boot up in physics lab

Genevieve Huard


Next year, the physics lab on campus is scheduled to receive new interfaces.

The current interfaces, which hook the physics computers up to sensors in the lab to measure quantities like speed, are 20 years old and have not been reliable.

“The information technology people always had problems making the devices work whenever the computers were upgraded,” Marlene Ignacio, physics instructor, said. “Because of old age, these will not be supported by the company where they were purchased.”

The six new interfaces will cost $7,092.The money for them was allocated by the technology fee committee, which gets its money from a $35 per quarter per full-time student fee.

“I am excited for our students who will benefit from the upgrades/improvement,” Ignacio said. “The students who take physics [will] see where their technology fees go and put into good use so that their physics education is at par not only with other community colleges but also with four-year institutions.”

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New interfaces set to boot up in physics lab

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