New silent study area opens in the library


Griffin Silver


Noise annoys and it seems to be everywhere, especially when students don’t want it to be, like when they’re studying for finals. However, Pierce officials found a solution. In the library, a newly-opened silent study area offers students a quiet area.

It opened to student use Oct. 4. It’s a large room with lots of seating, desks and a large window that nearly encompasses a whole wall. They also have a rack of newly released books at the entrance and they are available to all students.

When people first heard about this, some were excited.

“It’s a quiet study area, its being used as we (the librarians) hoped for,” librarian Sue Cole said.

Students have been productive and studious. They haven’t had too much of a problem with enforcing silence yet.

“Most people respond to a word from the library staff,” Cole said.

They have already had four classrooms dedicated to silent study and collaboration, but the general rule of first come first serve left many students to fend for themselves. They accommodated this issue by converting one of those classrooms into a silent study area.

“Library space is always about compromising. We want collaborating and naturally collaborating requires talking,” said Cole. “We want students to use our classrooms but we never had a dedicated quiet space other than the limited rooms. So we’re really happy to offer it now.”

Before, it was just another classroom for studying and collaborating.

“We remodeled it and took out a wall and there were further plans for a glass wall so it would be quieter but there was a problem with contractors,” Cole said.

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New silent study area opens in the library

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