New student portal allows for additional access, wont replace college’s website



Tessa LaVergne

Managing Editor

The student council met Feb. 2 to discuss updates on the student portal and see a demonstration of it.

The student portal is meant to be an easier way for students to access all of their wanted materials on Pierce College’s website. Each student using the portal will use one login instead of multiple logins to access information.

The student portal was originally intended to replace the Pierce College website, but according to Rich Hill, the student portal committee is not going to do that because members don’t want to mess with the flow of things.

When first accessing the student portal, students need to enter their SIDs/PINs. After logging in, students will be able to access the information the college has on record about them such as a biography, current RAC code, current classes and current declared intent.

The tabs at the top of the student portal webpage will be: student e-mail, registration, advising, financial aid and calendars. A student life tab for clubs and such is in the process. Only one login is needed to access all these items.

Under these tabs, students will be able to find helpful items such as class availability, waitlist status, unofficial transcripts, answers to any surveys that a student has answered, any workshops attended and an education planner including the number of credits a student has taken in each category.

The student portal also will feature a history of financial aid the student has received.

Under the calendar tab will be an area called “help me chat schedule,” which will be of use to students who need help using the student portal.

There will be an area with an athletic calendar and a Puyallup Student Programs calendar.

“The student portal is a replication of tools you have now but all in one place for convenience,” Hill said.

The Marketing and Communications team on campus is working on the design of the portal.

Students should be able to use the portal by next year.



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New student portal allows for additional access, wont replace college’s website

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