Not so fast with the icy blasts

Tessa LaVergne

Senior Reporter

The winter weather in Puyallup has escalated to new high temperatures. The sun is shining and it’s been about 80 degrees outside—or so the Pierce instructors seem to think.

When I walk into a classroom, I feel the need to jump into a hot tub. I freeze, and sometimes even begin to shiver. Is it because I don’t dress warmly? Nope. Are the heaters broken at Pierce? Nope.

Each morning I look in my closet. I pick out a big jacket, a scarf, boots, jeans and a sweatshirt. I get to class and am still cold.

I don’t have any medical issues that make me colder than everyone else. My friends and classmates are often heard saying, “It’s so cold.”

Sometimes I wonder why professors don’t realize students are bundled up and hiding their faces in their jackets to keep warm. The students would learn better if they weren’t constantly worrying about avoiding frostbite during class.

One instructor recently accused me of falling asleep in his class. I was not asleep. I was curling myself into a ball in my seat and hiding my cold nose in my scarf because when I’m in his classroom, it feels like a snowstorm is about to occur in it.

It’s not even December yet. What’s going to happen then? Are there going to be icicles hanging from the ceiling while I take my final exams?

If you haven’t yet figured it out, the classrooms aren’t going to get any warmer.

Here are a few tips to keep warm during class:

n Bring hand warmers.

n Make hot cocoa and bring it with you.

n Wear a long sleeve shirt…with a sweatshirt…and a jacket…and a scarf…some gloves…a hat…and another bigger jacket.

WARMEST wishes to all of you this quarter, and sorry about the freezing leading to sneezing.

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Not so fast with the icy blasts

by Tessa LaVergne time to read: 1 min