Nursing department allotted tech fee money

Genevieve Huard


Pierce college student technology fees will be supplying the Puyallup campus’ nursing department with $31,870 of lab equipment in part of a national movement of the Healthcare Informatics: Policy, Technology, and Money to transition to completely electronic records by 2014.

The nursing skills lab will receive six licenses for an electronic health record software program called Cerner and a second Workstation on Wheels (WOW).

“We wanted our students to have a jump start in how to use electronic health records,” Gwendolyn Darks, nursing instructor and co-sponsor of the Electronic Health Record technology fee request, said.

The Cerner software will allow students to electronically record patient medical records, nursing notes, patient assessments and record medication administration; this information is currently manually recorded by students.

“The wonderful thing about electronic records is if you go to a doctor, he can pull up any of your records,” Becky Piper, nursing instructor and co-sponsor of the Electronic Health Record technology fee request, said.

The nursing lab has had a WOW for a year, which is a mobile computer monitor that will have a patient chart of medical records for vital signs and other documentation for the SIM patients in the nursing lab. Both the existing WOW, the new WOW and all of the student laptops and PC’s will be able to access the Cerner software.

The new WOW will also have a barcode scanning arm to scan and record medication administered during labs.

Other programs at Pierce will be able to use the Cerner software like the Business Information Technology for medical coding/data input. Special consideration of the dental hygiene program’s needs was part of picking the Cerner software because of available upgrades that can incorporate dental programs.

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Nursing department allotted tech fee money

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