Online education business is really clicking for some


Susanna Siemens
Contributing writer
Online learning is rapidly becoming a prominent part of college education. The need for a college degree is increasing steadily in the nations economy in order to simply get a job. Online classes offer flexibility and are an alternative to regular classes but are not always regarded as reputable as a classroom setting.
Across the country the online education business is booming. Students can get a degree at any academic level through various schools and programs; associates, bachelors, masters and even doctorate degrees can be obtained entirely online.
Electronics are in every part of American life and the college education system is no exception. As younger generations blissfully adopt online classes and course work into their curriculum, older generations of students feel differently.
“I feel left behind,” said Cathy, a Pierce student in her 40s, who feels as if her computer and electronics skills are not at level where she can keep up with online course work and has trouble navigating around the Angel website that Pierce College uses for online learning.
To many people, online courses are viewed as an easy way out. However, for students who have taken an online course, this is not the case.
Salem Rose, a second-year Pierce student, has taken half of her courses online.
“The workload is much heavier,” Salem said. “I spend more time completing my online class work than I do for my regular classes.”
She explained that since students aren’t being handed information from lectures in a classroom, they need to research and study more to learn the material.
Students are essentially their own teachers.
“The learning style forces me to really know the material,” Salem said.
According to a study by the Department of Education in 2009, students who took online classes on average performed better than students who attended on-campus classes.

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Online education business is really clicking for some

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