Pierce College awaits news of impending budget cuts


Katie Lane


Pierce College officials will receive the final results on the state’s budgets cuts in April.

According to the Executive Vice President Bill McMeekin, the estimated cut for Pierce College will be 13 percent, roughly $2.9 million.

But some of the proposed cut’s impact will be offset by increases in tuition, McMeekin said.

He also explained some people are talking in the Legislature of a .05 percent sales tax hike that would help offset this cut as well but that has to go to the voters, if it gets out of committee.

“Voters seem to be in no mood to raise taxes (though),” he said.

This isn’t the first year Pierce has faced cuts.

“We also took a $2.9 million cut last year so this has been very tough for all of us—students, faculty and staff,” he said, explaining college officials won’t earnestly begin putting the budget together until later in the month.

“We are in the process of examining where can take additional cuts throughout the college,” he said.

According to McMeekin, budget cuts are primarily based on enrollment. About 54 percent of the college’s budget is state supported. Grants and contracts make up the majority of the rest of the budget.

These proposed cuts will affect most departments—from instruction to enrollment services, McMeekin said.

In order to absorb these cuts, officials plan to focus on streamlining the college’s organization.

“We’ll need to become much more efficient and use technology in a better way in terms of enrollment services, advising, etc,” McMeekin said. “We’ll need to perform a lot more of our services on line.

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Pierce College awaits news of impending budget cuts

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