Pierce gets positive report from interim accreditation visit

Brian Bruns


Pierce College received a satisfactory grade during an interim accreditation visit by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

The evaluator said that Pierce College had made satisfactory progress in the recommendations put forth by the NWCCU during Pierce’s accreditation report in 2009.

Pierce College Federation of Teachers President Leon Khalsa-Maulen delivered the news of the report to the Board of Trustees Oct. 20.

“The report was a victory for the college, a victory for faculty and a victory for working together,” Khalsa-Maulen said.

According to Khalsa-Maulen, the evaluator said he did not think Pierce had achieved the level of progress the accreditation body was expecting based on the paper records the evaluator studied before coming to the campus.

“The main reasons why he changed his mind resided in the quality, the intensity and the breadth of faculty involvement,” Khalsa-Maulen said. “The assessment team and the general faculty showed in action that they are really committed to improving the teaching and learning practice.”

Regional accreditation is a process of recognizing educational institutions for performance, integrity and quality. Accreditation qualifies institutions for access to federal funds to and assures students that credits earned will transfer to other accredited institutions.

Formal accreditation visits occur every two years, but the process is an ongoing effort for educators at Pierce.

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Pierce gets positive report from interim accreditation visit

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