Pierce is wild


Sara Konu


Even though it’s in a relatively suburban area, the Pierce College Puyallup campus still manages to host a wide variety of creatures.

On any given day you can hear the sounds of nature at Pierce. The caw of a crow, the chirp of a cricket, and on rare occasions, students can hear the croak of a frog hidden in the grass. Of course, to hear these things it requires listening for them, which not everyone does. But if students ever feel inclined to listen to the sounds of nature, all they need to do is step outside their classroom.

It’s also not uncommon to walk along a path to one building or another and see a squirrel dart out of a trashcan, stare you down, and then run for a nearby tree. These creatures, chubby on Pierce College trash, may hold student’s attention for a small amount of time, but soon after they disappear in the branches of a tree and students disappear into a classroom.

Of course, birds, crickets, frogs and squirrels can be found almost anywhere. However, Pierce Puyallup has had some wilder animals make an appearance on campus. Students last year reported seeing an occasional deer dining on the landscaped lawn behind the AAH. Deer have also been seen passing through the back corner of B lot near the tree line. A coyote was even spotted running across the back road over the summer.

Of all the creatures on campus, the slugs are by far the most common. They especially like the concrete paths near the woods, and judging by the slimy oozy piles everywhere, many people don’t notice the slugs making their trek from one side of the path to the other. When walking behind a crowd of people after a class is out, it’s not out of place to hear the squelching of a juicy slug underfoot and an exclamation of disgust. Many students have learned the hard way to watch for the slow-moving land mines when making their way around campus.

Whether nature enthusiast or urbanite to the core, students at Pierce College Puyallup are surrounded by wildlife, all they need to do is look or listen for it.


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Pierce is wild

by Sara Konu time to read: 1 min