Pierce’s food vendor contract opening for bids in summer

Drew May


The current food vendor contract between Pierce College and Chartwells expires Aug. 31, leaving many students wondering what next year’s cafeterias at Puyallup and Fort Steilacoom campuses will look like.

Possible new vendors include fast food businesses, fresh-cooked establishments such as Chartwells and more. Which vendor is awarded the new contract depends on how each vendor is graded by a Pierce College committee.

“The process is called a Request For Proposal,” said Curtis Lee, Pierce College procurement officer.

He explained that after a committee is formed, its members will agree upon scoring criteria to pick the college’s newest food vendor.

The committee will include two student representatives, one from each campus. Puyallup’s representative will be ASPCP President Lauren Adler. It also will include Mari Kruger, director of student support services and student life, as well as several other members of the college who will end up dealing the most with the food vendor.

Possible vendors must then take a tour of both Pierce College campuses and submit a proposal for evaluation.

After possible vendors have been evaluated, the committee will choose the winning vendor and a contract will be established and signed.

The winning vendor will start fall quarter.

Chartwells has held the Pierce College food vendor contract for six years. The base contract a vendor holds is five years long with three possible one-year extensions. Next year could be no different with Chartwells once again leading the kitchens.

But this fall quarter students could see a possible change in food service on Pierce College.



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Pierce’s food vendor contract opening for bids in summer

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