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Pinterest: “A fun reminder of the clothes I will never afford/fit into, the home décor I will never afford/fit into our small home, the recipes and crafts I am too lazy to ever make, the sayings I wasn’t clever enough to think of on my own, the photos I wish I had taken but didn’t.”

This pinboard-style social photo sharing website allows users to be virtually creative. Users have free reign to manage theme-based image collections such as recipes, clothing, hairstyles, workout plans and house designs.

Pinterest’s goal is to “connect everyone in the world though the ‘things’ they find interesting.”

As one of the fastest-growing social media sites, Pinterest allows users to “re-pin” images to their personal boards as well as “like” photos.

It all started with a simple idea from a young man named Ben Silbermann who enjoyed collecting various items such as bugs and stamps. His goal was to create pinterest as a portal for people to be able to continue their collections online.

Initially, his attempt for this social media site was unsuccessful as he had less than 10,000 users after nine months. But with persistence and consistency from founder Silbermann, Pinterest now has over 20 million users.

It’s different from other social media sites where users feel compelled to incessantly update and upload. Pinterest is all right there, all for your viewing pleasure. The simplicity of the design allows for excessive scrolling of the content with minimal effort.

Pinterest is a place where users are able to freely express what they enjoy and the things they like without the worry of privacy.

It gives an opportunity for people to have the “I can do that” mentality. The intrigue of trying things they’ve never previously done or experiencing a place never visited is all encapsulated in an accessible manner through a picture. Fascinating, right?

It’s a site that makes you want to workout like a complete psycho and eat desserts all night long, simultaneously. Pinterest has been defined as:

1. A virtual pinboard

2. An inspiration board comprised of collections of favorite inspiration in the form of photos and imagery

3. A place to waste a lot of time

Or, where women go to plan imaginary weddings, dress children that don’t exist and decorate homes they can’t afford.

Basically, it’s a place where all your dreams can come true.

However, be warned because there have been cases of what is called Pinsomnia, or the inability to get enough sleep because you keep clicking “see more pins” just one more time. It can be extremely addictive, as everything just seems so captivating and eye-appealing.

Pinterest, in a way, is a reflection of our society and the evolution to create and distribute information in the most efficient and accessible way. We are a society that always has to have more. There will always be something better than what we have and it’s so easy to get carried away with what could have been. But be mindful, these are simply websites, created for your enjoyment and pleasure, and are not to be reflective of what you must have or to pinpoint the areas in life you’re lacking in. Get inspiration, but then get off the computer and live your life.

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Pinterest-ing website

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