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For college students, effective studying is of the utmost importance to ensure good grades. Some students have short attention spans that can make studying difficult. Within 20 minutes some students can get sidetracked and end up surfing the internet or scrolling through an app on their phones. Recently the Pomodoro study technique has taken off and has become a favorite and was praised on productivity and pro-study YouTube account and study-blr blogs. Pomodoro is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s. It encourages people to complete task in the traditional 25-minute increments. The technique became popular for university students and numerous Pomodoro apps were developed. The most popular app being Focus Keeper. The logo is what appears to be a tomato, as ‘pomodoro’ is the word for tomato in Italian. Cirillo named the technique Pomodoro because he used a kitchen timer that was shaped like a tomato. The app has a default timer that is set to the standard of 25 minutes. Users also have the ability to set the timer at a lower session time for those with shorter attention spans. It is said that those who use the Pomodoro technique are set to develop longer studying abilities through consistency. The technique is to study for 25 minutes or time of choice. Take a short break that is 15-20 minutes long and after every four cycles take a longer study time, 30 minutes or longer, and then repeat for however long you can. The coolest part about the app is the charts tab. Charts allows you to see your stats and how well or not you are doing on consistently studying being able to see your improvement is encouraging. Unfortunately, after 14 days charts and statistics will be canceled, if the user wants to continue seeing stats then they will have to upgrade to pro. Upgrading to pro comes with some pretty cool features like soothing sounds, a variety of alarms, different color theme and reminders. The price is pretty affordable at $1.99. But the downside is that the app is only available for iOS users. Overall a great app, upgrading is not necessary unless you’re into a different aesthetic; the app works the same regardless of color. Also, there are apps that do the same thing for less or even for free. Potential users should definitely shop around for free apps to see if the technique works for them and if it’s worth purchasing.

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Pomodoro Focus App

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