Pool table scratched for surplus

Genevieve Huard


The time of student use of the pool table is now over, but the pool table remains on campus. The lingering pool table’s purpose has been reduced to providing some extra bench-like seating in the dining commons since its closure Jan. 27.

The plan is for the table to be removed, but Student Programs must follow the removal of fixed asset procedure according to the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) Fiscal Affairs Manual since the pool table was purchased with state funds (student fees).

When it was first closed, the initial plan was to raffle the pool table off to a student. However, since the pool table’s purchase price was $3,300, which is over the school’s limit for giving away or selling fixed assets, the pool table is now in the process of going to the Washington State General Administration surplus warehouse in Tumwater, Wash.

“If we receive any money from the pool table, then our hope is to use it to help fund Student Appreciation Week or events like this,” Deanna Frey, secretary senior of student support services and student life, said. “We’re unsure of how much money we’ll be receiving for the pool table.”

According to the SBCTC Fiscal Affairs Manual Chapter 40.20, “If the fixed asset was sold, the proceeds realized from the sale of property are to be deposited into the fund from which such property was purchased.”

Frey also mentioned that the date of physical removal of the pool table is unknown, but most likely will be within the next couple weeks. Frey said they’re still organizing the logistics of pick-up and transportation of the pool table.

Chapter 40.20 also addresses “Many colleges today have been granted local authority to surplus or sell equipment which is no longer of any use to them, as long as it falls beneath certain value thresholds.”

Student Programs is looking into buying more chairs and tables to fill the space left behind after the pool table is removed.

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Pool table scratched for surplus

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