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2017-2018 Staff

Daniel Pollock
Daniel Pollock began reporting for The Puyallup Post in fall 2016. Journalism soon after became a passion. As a reporter, Pollock covered a wide variety of topics, from campus and community news to opinion pieces and movie reviews. In spring quarter, he took on the Managing Editor position, and now returns for the 2017-18 school year as Editor-in-Chief. Pollock is a Running Start student in his second year at Pierce, pursuing an AA degree. After Pierce, he plans to transfer to a 4-year university. Beyond journalism, Pollock also writes short stories, personal essays and screenplays. He is found cooking and eating food, writing, making movies and playing piano as often as his schedule allows. He also is a latte advocate and self-proclaimed film anthropologist.
Dana Montevideo
Managing Editor
Dana Montevideo is a first year reporter at The Puyallup Post. After realizing she wanted to add flavor and meaning to her experience at Pierce, she decided to apply for the newspaper. She has always found that communication through her writing was something that she enjoyed doing. Dana may also be considered a thespian as she is involved with the theatre department at Pierce. She is interested in all the arts from acting to movies to journalism to fashion. She is currently is struggling with what major she would like to pursue next year as a junior in college, and is unsure of what four year university she wishes to transfer to. For her time at Pierce she is looking for some sort of guidance for her future. All that she is sure of is she loves going out with her friends, horseback riding, being in nature and listening to old music.
Quintessa Waud
Online/Social Media Manager
Quintessa Waud joined The Post this year and is thrilled to finally be working in journalism. Ever since she was young she has been obsessive about news, current events and pop culture. At The Post she hopes to keep students informed about their community and keep them connected to Pierce. Waud is in her second year at Pierce and is working toward graduation in spring 2018. With dreams of one day working in the television industry, she plans to transfer to a four-year university to major in communications. In her off time, Waud can be found indulging in guilty-pleasure reality TV shows, watching movies and reading.
Sydnee Smith
Sydnee Smith joined The Puyallup Post this year as a new reporter. After realizing at a young age that writing was her one true passion she set her sights on Journalism. At The Post Smith hopes to write stories that not just mean something to herself, but to others. She also hopes to write some pretty great music and fashion columns. With dreams of becoming an English or Journalism teacher, Smith hopes to transfer to WWU next fall to pursue her Bachelor's and hopefully Master's degree. Her ultimate goal is to one day become a professor. On the side, Smith enjoys writing poetry and attending concerts. She tries to play the guitar and ukulele, but ultimately can only play one song all the way through.
Nyadeng Mal
Nyadeng Mal is a first-year writer for The Puyallup Post. After taking courses in Creative Writing and Journalism she’s had a new sparked interest in Journalism. Nyadeng has always had a passion in writing, at the age of 10 she began writing her own music and short stories. Nyadeng is involved in variety of activities here on campus such as Ambience Café which is the French club at Pierce College Puyallup and she is also this year’s President of Black Student Union. During her last year at Pierce Nyadeng hopes to make new friends and bring awareness to social issues on campus. She plans on transferring to a four-year university where she plans to study Political Science. Her ultimate goal is to become an International Human Rights Lawyer. In her free time Nyadeng, who is bilingual, enjoys studying new languages, Creating Music and making Choreography. On weekends, she can be found at a local museum, a concert or quietly tucked in a corner of a coffee shop with a good book.
Ryan Rothman
Ryan Rothman has been writing for fun as long as he can remember. However, in late 2016 he was introduced to news writing at his high school and has been in love with it ever since. In the fall quarter of 2017 he became a reporter for The Puyallup Post. In his free time, he’s written many short stories and even drew and wrote a few webcomics. Music and computers have also been a big part of Rothman’s life. He received Superiors for four years in Junior Festival, a piano memorization and skill competition. He also taught himself to play the guitar. Rothman ‘speaks’ three languages and is working on his fourth. One of these languages is C#, a coding language he taught himself in his freetime. Rothman plans to eventually become a software engineer, learning more coding and other languages in the meantime. But, currently, you can find him drawing on his tablet, watching cartoons or anime and playing Magic the Gathering.
James McCraw
Office Manager/Senior Reporter
As a young boy, James McCraw saw the movie “All the President’s Men.” After seeing the power of journalism in action, he knew he wanted to become a journalist when he grew up. Now as a grown man, McCraw has his sights set on an English degree, with a goal to become an editor for a major comic book company. Currently at The Puyallup Post, he is a senior reporter while also holding the not-so-glamorous, yet equally important office manager position. He hopes to write stories that impact the community, as well as inform readers about local professional sports teams. In his spare time, he enjoys reading comic books, watching football, and spending time exploring bookstores and watching movies with his wife. He’s always looking for the next great comic book title to read, as well as a place to get a great cup of coffee.
Damien Bamford
Video Editor
As a young adolescent nerd, Damien Bamford spent most of his time on the internet watching YouTube videos until he got his hands on some editing software and starting making things on his own. It started with World of Warcraft music videos and short sketches with his friends. In high school he jumped at the chance to take a Video Productions class and thrived in it. Damien joined the military shortly after high school and got relocated to North Dakota. With the added free time of staying indoors to avoid freezing to death he started to put a lot of time into learning how to edit and run a YouTube channel. In 2016 he made a 20 minute documentary that ended up quite successful, cementing his interest in doing video productions as a career. Damien is now the videographer and video editor for The Puyallup Post.
Derek Goodier
Derek Goodier started his role as the photographer for The Puyallup Post in fall 2017. He bought his first camera back in 2013, thus inspiring his love of photography. Derek’s favorite photography is outdoor landscapes. Derek hopes to create some amazing photos for this year’s editions of The Post and the social media. He came to Pierce to pursue his AA and hopefully transfer to a 4-year university. With a passion for technology and photography Derek aspires to plan his future around that. In Derek’s free time he loves to hike and take photos of his adventures. He also loves to hit the gym and spend time will all his animals. He has three cats Max, Alice, Loki, two dogs Sally and Jack.
Teresa Josten

We can be found in room C218 in the College Center Building, Pierce College Puyallup

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