Potter pens home run with Campbell University

Evan Bedlion


A childhood dream of a career in baseball has turned into a reality. Sixteen years of baseball has finally paid off for sophomore Josh Potter.

He officially has committed to play baseball at Campbell University in Kentucky next year. He’s developed his game during the past few years and has become one of the best players in the Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges.

The school he plans to attend next year, Campbell University, is nationally ranked and has produced many professional baseball players.

“There was another NAIA [National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics] school called Sterling that took a lot of interest in me but I called the coach to let him know about my full commitment to Campbell,” Potter said.

Many teams took interest in Potter this last year, but Campbell caught his eye. His acceptance to Campbell is a culmination of years and years of hard work.

“My earliest memory was playing whiffle ball as a kid with my brother,” Potter said. “I really looked up to my brother and didn’t want to stop playing after that.”

Potter continued to play baseball through elementary school, starting with tee-ball, then played into middle school.

For a time, Potter wasn’t the best player. He was smaller and knew less about the game than some of the other kids did.

“I was always the skinny kid and got made fun of a lot in middle school for it,” Potter said. “It wasn’t until my sophomore year that I put on a little bit of weight. I was labeled as unathletic.”

Potter’s main motivation comes from the years of not being the best one on the field.

Potter drastically improved his skills from his junior to senior season. In his senior year he tied his school record of seven homeruns. Since Potter’s talent didn’t fully develop until his junior and senior seasons, he was not recruited as much as he would have liked.

Potter felt that Pierce gave him the best opportunity to succeed and he signed to play with Pierce after his senior year of high school. There was quite a difference from high school ball to college.

“I felt I played well my freshman year but I matured a lot this year. I had more devotion and got mentally stronger,” Potter said.

Assistant Coach Tyler Libadia had a major influence on Potter and helped him improve in skill and leadership in his second year. Now, Potter is looking to his future baseball career at Campbell.

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Potter pens home run with Campbell University

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