Procrastinate your way to an easy A

Sara Konu


As the number of school days increase, the amount of energy and effort put into schoolwork tends to decrease. And when it gets harder to get motivated to study or do homework, procrastination is the name of the game.

The problem with procrastination is that the better you get at it, the longer you put projects off. Follow these tips to improve your procrastination prowess—and successfully put that schoolwork off for another day.

n Let it stew: Just because you’re not doing your assignment doesn’t mean you can’t be thinking about it. Whatever the assignment may be, it probably requires at least some degree of brainstorming. Be a smart procrastinator and read the directions beforehand and spare a few seconds of your day to start brainstorming. Brainstorming can be done while driving. Then, when it comes down to the last hour before the assignment is due, you’ll have it all planned out in your head and won’t waste any time thinking about what to do.

n Set the date: While procrastinating, it’s too easy to forget about an assignment . If an upcoming assignment is worth a lot of points, make sure to put the date on your phone calendar or someplace else so you at least remember to do it the night before.

n Citations are your friend: When writing a paper, citing sources can be good, not just a pain to look for. Find a well-written resource and cite large chunks of it. That way you’ll fill up the length requirement of your paper with someone else’s words, but it’s not plagiarism because you’re attributing it. Be sure to follow up your citations with a solid paragraph analyzing the other person’s words and you’ll look like a genius.

n Prepare to buckle down: No great essay was written or math problem solved with Facebook or Tumblr open on your web browser. When it’s boiling down to the last second of the last hour before an assignment is due, remove the distraction that is the Internet and all that it offers. You can do this by going to a new place to do homework, such as a café or someplace on campus that you’re not used to going to. By doing that, you’re putting yourself into a new environment that you don’t have a set routine with, i.e. checking your Facebook on your home computer before doing homework. If you really have a social media problem, then ask a trusted friend or family member to change your passwords for you.

n Don’t make rookie mistakes: Chances are if you’re turning in an assignment that was quickly cobbled together the night before, it’s probably not your best piece of work. However, if you avoid basic errors that teachers love to dock points for such as grammar, spelling, formatting, (or if you’re in math, labeling graphs) then you’ll save yourself more points. If you don’t have the time to produce your most outstanding piece of work, or anything above mediocre, do yourself the favor of double checking your teacher’s requirements.


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Procrastinate your way to an easy A

by Sara Konu time to read: 2 min