Quick makeup tips

Quick make-up tips

Tessa LaVergne

Managing editor

We are well into winter and the days are dark and wet. Nobody really wants to wake up extra early to apply her makeup. Here are some easy tips to help your makeup experience a better one:

1) In order to avoid getting mascara on your eyelid, put a spoon or an index card over your eyelid while applying.

2) Don’t put moisturizer on before you apply your blush or foundation. This will make your makeup stick to your skin.

3) If you are out of blush then try pink eye shadow. It works wonders.

4) If you are out of eye shadow, then you can use blush or bronzer-no one will notice and your eyes will be popping in no time.

5) Figure out which colors that go well with your eyes and hair color. An example is purple eye shadow goes well with green eyes and brown contrasts well with blue.

6) As far as eyeliner goes: start at one corner of the eye, and lightly draw a line. If you are having trouble drawing a straight line, just draw a few shorter lines and then blend it all together with a cotton swab or a sponge applicator.

7) If your eyelashes are especially straight while curling your eyelashes then you should clamp once at the base, once at halfway up your eyelashes at an angle, and finish by curling the tips.

8) If your lower lashes are particularly sparse, coat them with mascara.

9) An easy way to lengthen your mascara is to put one layer of mascara, then coat the tips of your lashes with baby powder, and finish by adding another coat of mascara.

10) Instead of messing with soap and water, baby oil is an inexpensive, easy, and excellent substitute to makeup removers.

Best looks to you all.

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Quick makeup tips

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