Rage against the MAChine

Sara Konu


It’s one of those topics that many people find impossible not to have an opinion on. It’s right up there with other great debates, such as the existence of aliens, the legalization of marijuana, Team Edward vs Team Jacob. My question is: Mac or PC?

Personally, I am for PC.

The biggest problem I have with Macs is how obscene their prices are. I understand that computers are made of expensive pieces and that if you’re looking to buy a decent computer, it’s going to cost you. What I don’t understand is why Macs cost hundreds of dollars more than comparable PCs. You get the same amount of memory, the same level of performance, but for a much higher price.

So what are Mac fans really buying? The name brand? The right to possess an Apple adorned computer? From my point of view, Mac is just charging more for the same product. You’re buying the name, much like designer clothes and shoes.

Macs and their users claim that Mac computers are simple and easy to use, that someone without any background knowledge could figure them out. I personally find them much more confusing to operate. I was raised on a PC and every PC I’ve worked with has been similar to the last. They’re uniform, dependable in the way they operate. Macs in comparison have proven themselves less accountable, at least in my experiences.

I’ve used desktop Macs that don’t offer the option of a right click, which is a concept I found absolutely bizarre. Instead you have to go up to the programs file and complete the tasks you want done up there. But once you’re actually in the program and running it, don’t count yourself safe yet. If you move your mouse the wrong way, programs you’re working on randomly float off-screen and you’re left wondering how to undo the disappearing act that just occurred. Most of the time the program in question can be found, but other times, if you have several programs open, it’s better to just re-open the file than look futilely on the desktop for something that the computer just doesn’t want you to find.

I realize that my experiences have been limited to only a few Macs, which, for all I know could be poor representatives of their brand. But I for one am not willing to give Mac computers another shot. I’ll go to Apple for iPods, but when it comes to computers, I’ll stick to PC.

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Rage against the MAChine

by Sara Konu time to read: 2 min