Raiders on the rise


Joel Dressler

Number: 4

Position: Defender

Experience: 6-7 years


Height: 5’11

Year: Freshman

High School: Franklin Pierce

Other teams: South Hill Revolution


Coach Bill Pearson nominated Joel Dressler team captain of the soccer team for the 2011 season. Pearson decided on Dressler after he assessed each of the players when they started practicing in July.

Dressler leads the team in experiencing the entire package of playing against highly competitive collegiate teams and earning the support of the crowds on the sidelines.

Dressler says the difference between his high school team and the Pierce College Raiders is the competition.

“We are all at a collegiate level. The responsibilities are higher, the maturity level is higher, everything in general is at a higher level,” Dressler said.

The players practice at a high level incorporating their fitness into their drills. Along with working hard and maintaining the intensity on the field, they also make time to enjoy each other off the field. Before each home game, they have a spaghetti dinner together at the Puyallup campus.

“I love all the guys on the team, they make it what it is,” Dressler said. “They make it fun, and intense. I love the coaches too, they are good coaches”.

Dressler plans to continue to attend Pierce next year and play on the soccer team for one more year before he hopes to transfer to a four-year university.

Each day the team works hard to maintain their abilities and ball handling skills as well as balancing their chemistry and team dynamics.

“Every team has its ups and downs—we’ve had our share of downs but we are getting through them and it’s getting better every day,” Dressler said.

—Kristen Phillips; Staff Writer

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Raiders on the rise

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