Pierce theater to show classic French play, Rhinoceros

The Pierce College Puyallup theater department is bringing Rhinoceros to the college on Feb. 22, 23 and 24 in the Black Box Theater in the Arts and Allied Health Building.

Nyadeng Mal, Reporter

The Pierce College Puyallup theater department is bringing Rhinoceros to the college on Feb. 22, 23 and 24 in the Black Box Theater in the Arts and Allied Health Building.

Directed by professor Sam Sloan, Rhinoceros follows the lives of characters living in a small province of old Frenchtown, and one by one the inhabitants begin to turn into rhinoceroses.

The rhinoceroses are meant to represent the metamorphosis the towns people go through as individuals transform and follow the upsurge of fascism and Nazism during World War II.

Lindsey Pasquier plays the main character Bérenger and describes the play as a little odd.

“It’s absurdist, meant to not make a whole lot of sense,” Pasquier said.

The main character Bérenger has a drinking problem and suffers from laziness. Pasquier describes her character as an everyday kind of guy but the play indicates that he has few issues. As the play goes on and characters begin to turn into rhinoceroses Bérenger refuses to conform.

“He’s very against it and ends up alone,” Pasquier said of her character refusing to follow the crowd and give into fascism.

For Sophiya Galanesi, this play is particularly exciting as it is her first production.

“I’ve done directed plays in my church but never in a solid play before,” Galanesi said.

Galanesi describes the play as the story of the rise fascism.

“It’s kind of weird, it’s kind of abstract,” Galanesi said.

Galanesi sees Bérenger as a laid-back dude who doesn’t really want to get involved until he realizes that becoming a rhinoceros is negative and he refuses to conform.

“He realizes it’s like straight up in his face and he has to deal with it,” Galanesi said.

Galanesi plays the character of Daisy, Bérenger’s love interest. Daisy is one of the only women working in the time period. The play happens in an era when women didn’t hold jobs.

Galanesi describes her character as soft, stubborn and sweet.

“She’s always there for everyone else,” Galanesi said.

“She tells the truth, she doesn’t mess around,” Galanesi said

Galanesi believes that Daisy is a significant character in regard to women’s rights during the time period. Daisy symbolizes during the time period where women didn’t work or have a voice to be in control of their own beliefs and have opinions, and brings a powerful tone to the play.  

“Now it may not seem that significant because a lot of women work but back then it was a big deal,” Galanesi said.

Both Pasquier and Galanesi expressed excitement to be working on the play and to be working alongside each other and the rest of the cast members.

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Pierce theater to show classic French play, Rhinoceros

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