S&A budget to be approved

Sara Konu


The Service and Activities budget for the 2012-2013 school year is planned to be approved at the June Board of Trustees meeting.

The Service and Activity budget funds Pierce College programs that have direct interaction with students such as the Academic Resource Center, Student Programs, The Puyallup Post, the athletics program, Student Government, student workers’ pay and more.

Recreation Coordinator Courtney Linnborn was part of the committee that decided how to allocate the $745,000 budget.

“It’s a difficult process deciding who gets what money,” Linnborn said. “But overall the committee did a really good job.”

Each department submitted a budget request and then the committee decided how much money to grant them.

“People seemed to be requesting less money this year because of the budget cuts,” Linnborn said.

Health and Education Center Coordinator Brian Kovacevich requested approximately $5,000 less than the previous year.

“I’ve never been the type of budget manager to ask for more than I really need,” Kovacevich said. “The reason it’s come down is last year $5,000 bought four new spin bikes.”

With no need for new equipment or repairs to equipment in the HEC, the almost $10,000 Kovacevich requested for next year will mainly go towards supplementing the salaries of the students working in the HEC.

A new item on the Services and Activity budget list is a $25,000 allocation to the athletics department, which can only be used if an athletics team makes the playoffs.

“I think they did a great job in that part of the process,” Stevenson said. “If we qualify, we use it. If not, it goes back to the student budget.”

This is a change from the past when the athletics department had to ask the Student Government for supplemental funds each time a team made the playoffs.


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S&A budget to be approved

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