Sanctuary for the sick: new first aid room



Marie Lahar


The campus’s security office has a new sanctuary for the ill.

Pierce College has had a first aid room, but the “room” was a cot in the back of the mailroom.

Maureen Rickertsen, Puyallup campus Safety Supervisor, has helped prepare the new first aid room in A139.

The room is equipped with a wheelchair, an abundance of gauze and first aid supplies. The room also is prepared with a bed, blankets and water bottles.

“The room is brand new. It’s only been here about two weeks, and we’re just waiting on it’s signing to be official,” Rickertsen said Feb. 17.

The room already has met standards and is waiting to be signed for approval. Students and faculty are welcome to use the room when needed.

If someone is feeling ill or is injured, the room can be accessed by getting a security officer in room A136B. The officers will be able to open the door and, if necessary, call emergency contacts.


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Sanctuary for the sick: new first aid room

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