Seahawks defense up to speed through first six weeks

James McCraw, Office Manager/Reporter

Coming into the week six bye after a win against NFC West opponent Los Angeles Rams, the Seattle Seahawks are sitting at a record of 3-2 and the top spot in the division. This record is not anywhere near where the Seahawks—who have been perennial playoff favorites—want to be sitting. However, the win against the Rams is raising fans’ hopes.

With a season-ending injury hitting rookie Running Back Chris Carson in week four, the Seahawks looked to Thomas Rawls and Eddie Lacy to fuel the running game against the Rams in week five. Both men got 10 touches of the ball in the win. Rawls ran for 20 yards in eight carries and had two catches for 15 yards.  Lacy had nine carries for 19 yards and one catch for nine yards. Tight End Jimmy Graham, who had been mostly quiet this year, completed a touchdown pass from Russell Wilson and kicker Blair Walsh went three-for-three with field goals to top off the win.

The “Legion of Boom” looked steady in the week six win, with numerous big plays from Earl Thomas and allowing five Rams turnovers in the game, helping hold the Rams to less than 400 yards of offense.

Wilson, who is currently number 11 quarterback in the NFL’s rankings, was moderately reliable, completing 24 of his 37 passes and throwing the touchdown to Graham. Overall, for the year, Wilson has a total quarterback rating of 90.6 percent with eight touchdowns and three interceptions. If Wilson stays healthy, his numbers should go up, like they consistently do every year.

Wilson’s single interception, in the second quarter, led to a 69-yard return, which Wilson stopped himself.

“It was amazing,” Seahawks Linebacker Bobby Wagner said after the game. “It was a big-time play. If they get points on the board, the game could have been totally different. So Russell getting down there, getting the guy turned back and getting him down was big-time for us.”

Off the field, the Seahawks have shown their activism is more than just an attention stunt by starting the Seahawks Players Equality & Justice for All Action Fund.

The non-profit fund is being used to, according to the official website, create lasting change and build a more compassionate and inclusive society. The Seahawks organization is using the fund to support education and leadership programs addressing equality and justice across Washington state.

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James McCraw

Office Manager/Reporter at The Puyallup Post
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James McCraw

Seahawks defense up to speed through first six weeks

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