People of Pierce: Shaylyn Smith

CJ Robinson, Reporter

“This is my first year at Pierce College and everything is garbage, but it’s OK because I’m going to Germany (and Europe) this summer. I’m visiting my dad and my stepmom. My stepmom is stationed in Ramstein and I’m bringing one of my best friends, so that’s pretty cool. I’ve taken three years of French so I’m most excited to go there because I like practicing. I practiced last year when I was in France also, and it was really cool. I had one person ask me for directions like I wasn’t a tourist, so I was happy that I didn’t look like one. Ordinary things, like buildings in the area, are just so old and have so much history. You just don’t see that in America because we’re not as old as places in Europe. Even in the villages, there’s just so much culture packed into this one tiny village. Just walking in the street, there’s just something beautiful about everything you look at.”

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People of Pierce: Shaylyn Smith

by CJ Robinson time to read: 1 min