Silence, secrets won’t stop domestic violence

Jaimie Gruggett

Contributing writer

Everyone has a secret; Everyone has something that they are ashamed of. Most of the time they are harmless.

However, in some cases the secrets that people keep are ones that can hurt them. And these secrets are kept for fear of what would happen if they weren’t.

Domestic Violence is one such secret, one that is rarely spoken of. Yet it is one that occurs so often it’s surprising people can miss it. In the United States, a woman is beaten every nine seconds.

At Pierce, a domestic violence awareness program on Oct. 6 included watching a documentary and listening to a guest speaker.

The documentary Sin by Silence chronicled the personal stories of women who had been abused by their husbands. These women eventually killed their husbands, were convicted and sent to prison.

As the documentary played on campus and these women told their stories, the entire room was silent. Tears began to roll down the faces of many of the students watching as more of the women shared their heartbreaking stories.

After the video, guest speaker Brenda Cubine, one of the women in the documentary, shared her story. Even after all she had been through she was still so full of life and happiness.

The one piece of advice Cubine offered women is to follow their intuition because many times if they feel that something isn’t right then it isn’t.

Cubine said to remember was that the stories of domestic abuse are always the same, just with a different name and different face.

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Silence, secrets won’t stop domestic violence

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